Pump It Up

Last Updated: March 1, 2015, 7:57 pm EST

By Finessa Bedoun

Canton residents attend Open Jump at their local Pump It Up.

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On the evening of Thursday, February 25, 2016, many Canton residents took their children to their local Pump It Up’s Open Jump night. Pump It Up has giant rooms filled with enormous bounce houses for children to jump around in. A few times a month, they open their doors to allow anyone to come and play.

The children had an entire room full of inflated bounce houses to jump around in, had bounce balls to toss around the room and had a baseball area as well as an area for table hockey. The first half of open bounce was full of music, laughter and children making new friends.

An hour into the event, parents, children and their belongings were moved into the next room, which was lit with black lights, and where the kids were delighted to see their light clothing glow and their glow sticks illuminate their necks and wrists.

Some of the attendees were regulars who attend many of the open jump nights, while others were first timers to attend. The regulars said it was a nice way to get their children out of the house to burn some energy off after school had been cancelled for the snowfall the previous night.


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